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When a child is diagnosed with autism, it can come with questions, fears, and doubts. The challenges can seem insurmountable, and many parents are left feeling hopeless, unsure what to do next. But this diagnosis is only the beginning—with hope and with faith, healing is possible.


In Autism: Healed for Life, author Angela Gachassin shares the moving chronicle of her and her son’s daily experiences as they struggle to conquer his autism symptoms. Glenn was a nonverbal child diagnosed with severe autism at the tender age of two. Yet with very little help from doctors, Angela incorporated lifelong skills and strategies into his daily life, which allowed him to live with endless possibilities to soar! By age fifteen, Glenn had progressed so far that he was a guest speaker, representing his school at a district conference. Angela shares how she integrated speech, occupational, sensory, and food-aversion therapies together with play and other social self-care skills, showing parents how to become their child’s best advocate and mentor. Yet through it all, she reveals how focusing on the finished work of Jesus Christ can provide ultimate healing.


Glenn’s remarkable journey from severe autism to ultimate healing is a glorious reflection of the goodness of God! Take this amazing true-life journey with an inspirational, motivated, and faith-filled mother determined to help her son find his healing for autism.


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Autism Healed for Life

Autism Healed for Life